"An aid to better living."

There are no other chairs on the market

that can do what the


does and provides.

Life is getting more and more
Some say the average person
sits nine to ten hours a day.

"Motion is Lotion."

Dr. Stan Cusak

There are no other chairs on the market that can do what the Better Back Chair™ does and provides.  It is unique in design and purpose, and is an aid to better living.

Dr. Stan CusakProduct Developer & Inventor
  • Easy Adjustments

    No tools necessary.

  • Comfortable

    Lightweight & Comfortable – For everyday use.

  • Affordable

    Sold in your local big box stores.

End Product:

Tubular in design, Light weight, Affordable, Attractive, Basic colors.

Professional Design: Strong, sturdy, reinforced, built for prolonged use.

Projected Cost: $300-$400 retail to consumer, sold in Costco, Staples, Best Buy, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Quill, Medical Arts Press, OfficeSupersSavers, Chairhero.com, Modern Furniture Warehouse, SitBetter.com, ComputerDesks.com, etc.

Professional Design for office use: $600-$800 used at Government Agencies, (IRS, GSA, NSA, State Department, DOD) schools, colleges, universities, dispatchers, call centers, etc.

Locking wheels/castors, or chair wheels depress when weighted for stability and easy movement.  DVD demonstration and disclaimer provided with each chair (will also be on website).


The Better Back Chair™ is unique in its application because of the dynamic use of motion in sitting.  It uses a fulcrum point at a specific spinal level to thrust forward and upward.  This exercises the lumbar area to produce excellent, overall, health benefits.  It brings into play stretching, the need for movement, increased circulation, alleviating stress, and strengthening this vital area of the body.

There are many ways for this motion to occur and can be engineered electrically, hydraulic, pneumatic, manual, etc.  The intent of this product to date is to utilize the least expensive and the most easily used manual method.

Sitting is the most common working (and relaxing) position especially as society projects further into the cyber and information age we now live in.  The common chair provides a foundation and physical support.  This is necessary to allow the seated person to efficiently engage their task requirements, duties, and partake in relaxation.  The basic chair unit has remained the same for a long period of time since its inception, with slight deviations for more comfort, mobility, and/or ergonomic use and stability.

Sitting for too long in a static chair leads to a variety of common physical ailments, including backaches, joint pain, loss of circulation, edema, fatigue, loss of alertness and much more.

The average chair’s design causes sitting fatigue because of minimal movement, resulting in mechanical dysfunction and strain.  Postural muscles must remain in a high level of tone-contraction to keep the body sitting upright.  When a chair’s backrest does not fit the physical contours of the sitter and/or is stationary, the constant contraction of postural muscles combined with reduced circulation will contribute to feeling pain and fatigue.

Poorly designed chairs can encourage slumping, hunching, forward-bending, and other harmful seating postures that place the body in a strained position in an attempt to compensate stress.  It is unfortunate yet understandable that most people over forty experience some back pain from prolonged sitting, with the majority of this demographic reporting to have lower back pains and problems.


The Better Back Chair delivers a type of movement to the lumbar spine that is intermittent, specific, gradual, and dynamic, when the user wishes to activate the process (user demand).  This combined with a well-supported sitting position can reduce spinal disc pressure as well as muscular strain and fatigue.

The patented dynamic pumping movement of the Better Back Chair™ will provide needed movement  while seated, with this action creates and improves at least four major health benefits to the body.

  1. This movement promotes circulation by producing a muscle pumping action, and helps circulate nutrients and eliminates waste products (metabolites).
  2. Alertness is increased as afferent nerves send impulses to the central nervous system.
  3. Pumping and induced changes of pressure by the chair will feed the inter-vertebral spinal discs.  Normally, the spinal discs lose some of their ability to feed themselves actively at a very young age.
  4. Pressure on the spine, joints, and tissues are constantly re-distributed and reduce overall pressure when activated.

It is important to note that edema of the lower legs is commonly induced or caused by lapse of movement  (little or no circulation).  The result is pain and discomfort from leg swelling, e.g., sitting on long airplane trips.  Leg edema is a major problem because of the local pooling of blood, increased venous pressure, and heart rate.  Varicose veins, hemorrhoids, cold feet, swollen ankles, and other peripheral venous disorders may result which include circulatory dysfunction.

This potential for such discomfort is decreased with the dynamic movement of the Better Back Chair.  The associated muscle groups will extend and contract and produce better circulation in this area.  Leg edema and swelling are greatly reduced with the therapeutic, and repetitive, easy motions of the Better Back Chair.  Some “chair critics” have mentioned or suggested that seats should not be too comfortable as to encourage movement.  However, the Better Back Chair promotes and accommodates movement when necessary and allows the user to be healthier, more comfortable, and more effective in daily life.

I believe that the Better Back Chair will essentially become a standard in the furniture industry.  It is unique because of the patented, therapeutic, dynamic movement of the lower back and the associated health benefits.  This specific movement provides a tracking, wave motion producing improved circulation and musculo-skeletal benefits.

Sometimes it is assumed that the more adjustments in a chair the more ergonomic it is.  My personal observation and opinion is that most people do not know how to use the adjustments or use them properly and correctly.  I believe that the less adjustment and the easier to use the better.  The “user friendly” nature of the Better Back Chair is very demonstrable.  The dynamic movement provides immediate positive feedback and can be controlled in a logical and constant manner.  Many repetitive and easy motions can be made and stopped by the sitter/operator.

The active use of the Better Back Chair will also provide:

  1. Easy adjustment
  2. Tools are not necessary
  3. Many repetitive and easy motions can be made and stopped on user demand

Therefore, this affordable, comfortable, dynamic, and functional, well-designed chair will increase a person’s productive time.  Also, the Better Back Chair™ will contribute to better morale, and feeling of well-being while sitting, and this used properly will manifest even greater and better physical and mental health lifestyle for its’ user and indeed it is “an Aid to Better Living”.

Dr. Stanley M. Cusak