The Better Back Chair patent, logo, and trademark is available for licensing! This is functional furniture at its best — Simple and easy to use.

This athletic application utilizes a specific fulcrum point at a lower spinal area to thrust forward and upward,chair_turn_470_ stretching and increasing circulation in order to alleviate body stress and strengthen vital areas.  The body’s need to move is allowed and satisfied.


Our lifestyles determine how quickly our bodies age, with research showing many health problems are linked to prolong sitting, such as back pain, diabetes, obesity, and heart problems.  Since many people sit for nine to twelve hours a day, we thus need to improve this new aspect of our sedentary lifestyle.  Our product will revolutionize the furniture industry by filling the digital age’s long overdue need for a chair that satiates the bodies need to move.



A person using the better back chair can do as many repetitive motions as needed in a slow, easy, and full spinal exercise.  Through short rocking motions the user can improve circulation, feel great, and enjoy pronounced health benefits.

This unique chair is unlike anything else in the market. This is functional furniture therapy at its best! No other chair has athletic application that offers therapy on user demand. That’s why it’s called the Better Back Chair.

The Better Back Chair™ is an aid to better living because it’s comfortable, affordable, and therapeutic for both computer and general use alike.